How To Create A Page - idiots Guide

First thing you need to do is
Have a "wikidot" account,then
You will then need to become a member of the site that you want to contribute to.
How do you do that?
On the top bar of each site you will see "sign up"
Click that , and follow the instructions

Next you need to go to the section that you are thinking of adding a page to.
Look on the left hand side bar. there should be an "add new ????" button .
In the text box above it, add the title of your submission, then click the button.

You will then be presented with the "edit" version of that page.
If your article is just text based then type away.
You can use some of the buttons on the top row to do some basic formatting.
If you want to add links, or online pics, there are buttons in the middle row to help you.
Once you have done, hit save.
Your page will now be presented to you, and a link on the relevant side bar should now be available to you.

If you want to add your own pics then you need to upload them to your page first.
Using the "files" button, you will get instructions to do this. Once done you can then go back to edit mode ( use the "edit " button).

Now place your cursor in the text where you want to put the picture, and using the "green button with a star" choose the size and positioning of the pic.

Don't worry to much about formatting. Someone else will see to that if require, the important bit is getting the stuff there in the first place.