BOS 2014 Round 2

With Day four being canned we were getting concerned that a second task wouldn't happen. Briefing took place under grey skies, but with the weather promised to improve it was off to the Mynd.

The sky got better and an 80km task was called.
Calls where soon coming through from top pilots landing halfway through the course. Followed by jubilant calls from Luke Nicol and Andy Hollidge, both Rigid wings in Goal. DAve Mathews pulled something out of the bag and was the only Flexwing to make it.

With ETA's to scoring room running at around 7:30 to 8.00 it was decided to Hold off the presentations till the next round. Which was handy really because the last pilot in , at just after 8pm completely changed the numbers. Well done Ben Philpott on an admiral second position for the flexies.

The club class task didn't get activated.

Full results can be found Here
But in Summary…

Congratulations to 2nd Round Winners

Flexwing Class Winner Rigid Class Winner Club Class Winner
dave.jpg andy.jpg blank.jpg
Dave Matthews Andrew Hollidge James Gaunt