BOS Round 1 task 2.

Apologies for the delay in production of results. No one thought anyone would get anywhere today, what with the weather being uncooperative. Anyway we wanted an early finish so we could all go to the dinner.

As usual, some of the pilots defied logic and got to goal. The rest of the mere mortals are still trying to figure out how. Alas the Club class task was not activated.

The meal night was a blast, and lots of presentations where made. Accordingly, some tracks didn't come in till Monday morning.

As it wasn't flyable today some lectures and workshops were held instead. The scoring room got over run by a geek fest. The buggers have now gone … so here are some scores.

have fun.

BTW there is quite a story behind the picture. You will no doubt find out more later.

File nameFile typeSize
IMGP2857.JPGJPEG image data3.91 MBInfo
IMGP2858.JPGJPEG image data3.88 MBInfo
r1t1 clubclass.htmlHTML document22.99 kBInfo
R1 t1flex.htmlHTML document42.99 kBInfo
r1t1rigid.htmlHTML document26.35 kBInfo
r1t2 allgliders.htmlHTML document62.57 kBInfo
R1T2flex.htmlHTML document43.85 kBInfo
r1t2rigid.htmlHTML document25.56 kBInfo
round 1 flex.htmlHTML document28.89 kBInfo
round 1 rigid.htmlHTML document12.48 kBInfo