BOS round 1 task 3

This is Greg Emms. He flies in the club class. Yesterday he did some repacking of parachutes and was happy to do so. Today he flew his best distance on a day when a lot of the big boys got min distance.So today he is even happier. This would explain why he was skipping around on the camp site, with a filthy grin on his face. If you have a look at the reults page which you can find here you can see why he was so happy.
Simon white was also a happy bunny in the club class as he also did his PB.

Further examination of these pages will show you why Johnny still got it Carr was also smiling along with Stewart Reid and Justin Needham, all of whom reached Goal.

Ollie Chitty was happy because he beat his Dad, Nick Chitty. Even though that wasn't hard to do.
With between 1% & 2% chance of flying tomorrow remaining pilots will be waiting to hear the 9:30 briefing, from our lord and master the Meet Director Nick Pain.
Some Pilots will be praying for another task called, others will be hoping not.