BOS Round 2 day 3

Oh Lookie… the sun has come out, and the wind has died down a bit. What!
The scorer gets a call, "can we do race to anywhere?"
Of course you can, its one of the examples they show in the documentation.

So a nice 90k race to anywhere is set, and the scorer sets up the task and relaxes knowing that all is well.
Some scores start to come in, and er well, it would seem all is not well.
Fortunately Robbie and Richard Hunt where at hand to muck about with it Whilst the scorer was downloading tracks and swearing at cursing at a few Compeo gps's that just did not want to play ball. One pilot had no track on his main gps, nor his back up. nor his back up back up.
Whilst all this fun and games was going on Robbie and richard revert the scoring to a previous version of the program, only to find another bug, fortunately a workround was found so we could generate some scores that had some meaning :-)

Taka was another pilot with compeo problems. We found out that the tracks where on the sd card, so we could use those, which was handy really because it moved Taka up from around last, to FIRST place. Well done Taka.

Anyway, for all you Sad pilots who are sat at home or work, Here are some scores

Well done to Ollie Chitty for winning the Club Class Task. Justin Needham, Flexwing Winner, and finally Taka Overall winner and Rigid winner.