Bos Round 2 day 4

Where to go? where to go?… ok, Mynd it is then. Very light , and thermals are few and weak, but somehow Shedsy and Gordon got to Goal. Richard Lovelace got to the second turnpoint, with Justin and Carl just a little behind. Rob Gregg was the first away and managed a credible flight. Steve Penfold was the only other Pilot who got away. The rest played first one to the bottom landing field wins. Darren Brown wins that comp. Whilst in the Bottom landing field , another comp was forming. See who gets affected by hay fever the most. A very red and swollen Wayne Thompson took away the antihistamine trophy.

A special mention for Ollie Chitty. First off, and first in the bottom landing field.

And Finally, Congrats to Gordon Rigg, task winner and so far, Round Winner. Scores on the Board