Bos Round 2 Final day

A nice little 54k flight to goal.

Some results are up, but in a nutshell, they will be finished off later when i get home :-)

but a quick summary and congrats to all …

Day winner: shedsy
Round winner: Gordon Rigg

Day winner: Taka (no im not spelling it all)
Round Winner : Taka

Club Class: Day winner: Ollie Chitty
Round Winner : Ollie Chitty

Special mention to Luke Nicol. first time in Goal.

And Finally…
The winner of the British Open Series Open open compeititon… A certain mr Gordon Rigg.

And on a personal Note from the Scorer. My special thanks to Rob Chett and especially mr techy, Richard Hunt for Helping me with a multitude of bugs found in the scoring Prog. Having to deal with that and downloads would be pretty much impossible. Many Many thanks.

(update pics and stuff will follow )
(some but not all scores will be found here