BOS2014 round 2 day 3

Hold on to your hats! we had a task!
Nice little 80 odd km, via a couple of turn points to Shrewsbury.

Paul Harvey first in goal followed by Andy Hollidge, both Rigids.
The flexies didn't quite make it. Justin Needham got the nearest closely followed by Carl Wallbank. Not far behind Was Ollie Chitty, who seemed to take great delight in beating Luke Nicols and Gordon Rigg.
Club Class winner, and only one that got away was James Gaunt

Gordon has a Kobo now you know. He also has a 6030. But had to use his old etrex for scoring as his 6030 decided to play silly buggers.

So the scores are
Weather 2 BOS 1.

we will see what tomorrow brings.

Very provisional scores follow.

Task 1 Flexwing


Club Class

And Just for Fun… All Gliders