Brit / French Nationals 2014

The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association's Hang Gliding Competitions Panel are pleased to announce the arrangements for this year's competition to select the 2014 British and French National Class 1 and Class 5 HG Champions, to be held in Laragne Monteglin, France, from 10-16 August 2014.

British and French Hang Gliding Nationals 2014 and Chabre Open.
10-16 August Laragne-Monteglin, France.
Meet Director: Nick Pain
Contact: moc.liamg|slanoitan.hsitirb#moc.liamg|slanoitan.hsitirb

This will be a joint competition together with the French Hang Gliding Nationals and will serve as an open Cat 2 event that will attract a number of international pilots.
The sites of Chabre and Aspres will be used and the competition's headquarters will be at the Town Hall of Laragne.

Registration will be announced as soon as possible