British Open Series Overall Winners

Well its all over and done with. The fat lady has sung her song, and to the tune of "old Mcdonald" sung the following:-

Flexwing Overall Champion
Gordon Rigg
2nd 3rd
DSC04756.jpg DSC04755.jpg
Dave Matthews Dave Sheilds
4th 5th 6th
DSC04753.jpg DSC04750.jpg noimage.jpg
Johnny Carr Justin Needham Steve Penfold
7th 8th 9th 10th
noimage.jpg DSC04749.jpg DSC04748.jpg DSC04747.jpg
Rob Gregg Steve Blacklier Richard Hunt Brett Wright
Rigid Wing Overall Champion
Takatoshi Kosaka
2nd 3rd
noimage.jpg DSC04736.jpg
Mike Armstrong Paul Harvey
Club Class Overall winner
Ollie Chitty
2nd 3rd
noimage.jpg DSC04741.jpg
Peter Riley Till Obermeier