Class 5 Team Manager

With Winter well and truly upon us, most of us are either holding on to memories from the competition season just gone, or dreaming of next year's flying adventures. For the lucky and talented few who have been chosen to fly for Team GB plans are well and truly under way for the Class 5 and Woman's Class 1 World Championship 2014.


The statutory five member team members for Class 5 are:
Andy "Buzz Lightyear" Hollidge
Neil "Bomber" Atkinson
Paul "Wishy Washy" Harvey
Steve "Cookie" Cook
Tim "Timmy" King
Luke "Skywalker" Nicol

Kathleen Rigg is our representative in the Woman's Class 1 World Championship.

Organising a team is no mean feat and we are now looking to "recruit" an experienced volunteer to manage the entire team. You can read about the Team Managers Role Here As a CAT 1 Competition, the role does qualify for financial support from the BHGC. We are now inviting anyone in the hang gliding competition circuit to register their interest in this role. Please send a letter of application to ku.oc.aphb|cghb.ofni#ku.oc.aphb|cghb.ofni highlighting your experience in relation to the specific roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution.

So don't delay, get your application in by Monday 7th January 2014.

The Competition Panel.