New HG Meethead - A Welcome Message

After the recent "Standing down for a bit" of Pete Coad as the HG Meethead, his place will be taken by Nick Pain, one time UK distance record holder, multiple XC league winner, and former Team GB pilot.


Nick writes:
I thought I would introduce myself to the pilots who will be competing in the BOS and Nationals this year. I am taking over from Pete Coad who has done such a good job over the last few years.

Many people will have heard of me, as I have been flying since 1980 and as flying has given me so many highs in my life I thought it was the right time to put something back in and help others to realize their potential. The league is the ideal venue to do this and the biggest help and influence for me has been competing in these competitions. It will enable people to meet the characters in the sport and provide a quick way to improve their flying skills. I will of course try and make it an enjoyable experience for all pilots, even those who have been flying longer than me.

I joined the league in 1985 and my flying never looked back. Flying has given me many highs:-
1984 took off from an 80ft hill, climbed to 6,500ft and landed 78 miles away
1985 flew 106 miles (Long Mynd to Milton Keynes-4th person in UK)
1987 Flew in my first international in the Bleriot.
1988 won the XC league.
1989 landed in goal as the sun was setting in St Andre. When they developed the photos I had to explain why I had done a detour to the Gorge - de - Verdon. (They introduced land by times after that.)
1989 Got to a height of 11,500ft with my friend Digby Rolf in the Dales. Could see both the West and East coast.
1992 Team captain in Spanish international and getting to height of 14,000ft.
1995 - 6 Competitions panel, was the task setter, weather person.
1997 Flew powered Mosquito from Durham on the East coast to the Lakes and back again in 5 hrs, refuelling 3 times.
1999 Broke the British record which stood till last year (158 mls)
1999 Flew from Utah to Wyoming getting to 16,000ft in USA
2002 won the XC league.
2004 missed a league goal by the biggest distance ever. (Goal 45 miles, I flew 134 miles, got no points.)

I hope you will all enjoy flying in the League this year, just pray that we have good weather.