Official BHGC announcements

There are a number of ways that official announcements are made to interested parties.

Pilots mailing list.
This is a mailing list provided for interested parties. It is used by the members to the members, and is just text based.
You can subscribe / unsubscribe to this system anytime by going to this page

This Web Site.
News and other articles are presented from time to time . To get notifications of these submissions you will need to be signed up to the web site via the wikidot system. It is known that this part is a PITA. Once that has been achieved you can "watch"this section or any other section by using the watching link at the bottom of the page.

Contacting the Panel.

Can be done in various ways.
1: By the Contact form
2: by email to : the panel
3: directly to panel members via the panel page