Saint André Open (8-12/05/13)

Erick Angles,France, reports: -,"In may 2013, Avolia (Laragne) & Atout Vents have decided to team up and organize together the first edition of the St Andre Open, a Cat. 2 FAI Event in St Andre les Alpes (Class 1 & 5). This Competition is open to all HG pilots holding an IPPI Level 5 Card and will take place from May 8th to the 12th which is the only long holiday week end in the french calendar this year ;o(

We hope that this will encourage pilots from the surrounding countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Swiss etc.) to take a little road trip and come fly with us in one of the best XC site of southern europe. The spring season is really good to fly in this area as it usually means less pbs with Over Developement and thunderstorms ;o) Besides the Chalvet, and depending on weather forecasts and pilots' attendance, we are also considering the Col de Bleyne and Lachens take-offs which are 2 historical and amazing XC sites close to St Andre…

The event is on the FAI calendar here:

Registration for the French pilots here:

Registration for foreign pilots here:

Fly safe and Happy landings…Erick