Scotbos Results

Well we managed to get a task in, and results will be posted very soon.

We are still waiting for a couple of tracks to come in before final results can be posted but provisional results show the following.

Club Class

Task not activated

Rigid Class

1st Place Taki
2nd Tim King
3rd Mike Armstrong

Flexwing Class

1st Gordon Rigg
2nd Johnny Carr
3rd Stewart Reid

2nd and 3rd place were rather close and it could be possible that those positions could change when all the tracks have been processed.

(of course it must be said that the scorer didn't notice that till the above were presented. )

Special Mention must be made of Trevor Birkbeck who came (by the looks of it ) 4th, and Ben Philpott who made Goal. Unfortunately he had problems with his instruments at the start and missed the start gate, and first turnpoint. So that'll be minimum distance then.