Barry Woodhead
My first attempt to learn to Hang Glide was over two weekends with Howard Edwards at the Dunstable School of Hang Gliding in November 1980 on a Stubby. Although I wasn't very good, I never forgot the experience and later passed my P1 (as it was known then) flying a Super Scorpion in December 1985 in Devon with Mike Atkinson.

I started flying in the Inter-Club competitions in 1995 on my Typhoon, I then took part in the Airwave Challenges and now the BOS.

My Hang Gliders have been;
Hiway Demon 175
Solar Wings Typhoon SSS Med
Avian Java 150
Avian Java Comp
Seedwings Sensor 610 (in Lanzerote)
Seedwings Viagro 14 (in Lanzarote)
Avian Cheetah 150