Phil Chettleburgh

Sad git who likes poncing around with computers.
Has been a bit involved with winch towing over the years
Seems to enjoy being involved with club activities. At the moment Suffolk coastal floaters.
Used to be involved with the Norfolk Club (still pokes his nose in now and again)
Had something to do with the North Norfolk Club for a bit.
Did a bit with the NXCL for a few years

Started Flying in 83. One of the first guinea pigs to be taught on Tow,
At the moment flies an Aeros KPL 2
but is having erotic fantasies about the Phantom.

Greatest claim to Fame. Got to shake hands with Prince Andy.
Rather chuffed with this:-
Winch Tow League
'All Time'


Which is pretty pathetic really.
Longest Flight in the UK: 52 miles. (years ago!)

Update: it would seem that one to many face plants in the sand has played havoc with my neck.
Not a good idea to fly anymore till it all sorts itself out (if ever)

Best do some scoring instead.