Tony Stephens

I'm currently sponsored by Simon Murphy's Flying Curcus, to fly a Moyes RX 3.5 at the 2013 World Hang Gliding Campionships

Brauniger through UK Airsports.

and by Aeros through Flylight Airsports

Below is BBC news footage filmed in October 2010 following me winning the British Series in July 2010;

Started flying 1997 following playing a Nintendo video game of Pilot Wings with two friends of mine. It involved flying a hang glider around various courses. I thought trying the real thing would be more fun. The following day I booked a course with Wiltshire Hang Gliding School.

Clubs: Sky Surfing Club and The Mighty Wessex

First Nationals 2005

Bleriot Cup: 3 caps and 3 wins, 2005, 2006 and 2007

Made my first Worlds British Team: Italy 2011

2005: B.H.G.S Yorkshire Dales Winner (Moyes Litespeed 4)

2008: UKNXCL Winter Season Winner (Airborne C2)

2010: British Open SE Wales Winner (Aeros Combat L 13)

2010: British Open Series Winner (Aeros Combat L 13)

2010: UKNXCL Winner (Aeros Combat L 13) (Biggest winning marging in it's history and first time in 10 years all foot launched flights)

2010: UKNXCL Defined league Winner (Aeros Combat L 13)

PB UK Goal: 164 km in 2011 (Aeros Combat GT 13.5)

PB UK Open distance: 155 km in 2006 (Airborne C2)

PB UK Out and return: 94.5 km in 2010 (Aeros Combat L 13)

Current wings: Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5 and Aeros GT 13.5