Notable Achievements

1973 : British endurance record - 8 minutes by Geoff McBroom.

11th November 1973 : British endurance record - 25 minutes 46 seconds by Len Gabriels.

January 1974 : Ken Messenger flies for over one hour.

October 1974 : Brian Woods flies for over eight and a half hours. [Source : "Roots" - Brian Milton - Wings April 1980 - p17 - citing Flypaper No 2 December 1973]

1977 : Bob Bailey flies 24 miles from Carlton Bank to near Swinton. [Source : "Carlton Bank to near Swinton" - Bob Bailey - Wings November 1977 - p 18]

24th April 1977 : Gerry Breen flies 13 miles from Tredegar to Newport. [Source : "Tredegar to Newport" - Bob Wihsart - Wings June 1977 - p28]

15th May 1977 : Nigel Milnes flies 22 miles and makes height gain of 6,00ft from Swinyard Hill in the Malverns to Castle Farm, Madley. [Source : "Nigel Milnes - 22 miles and 6,00 feet" - Bob Wishart - Wings June 1977 - p22]

12th May 1979 : Bob Bailey flies 50 miles from Littondale to Hartlepool. [Source : "Fifty mile flight and the big if" - Bob Bailey - Wings June 1979 - p10]

17th May 1980 : P.Hargreaves flies Open Distance of 110.2Kms from Kettlewell, Yorkshire. (National, Local) [Source : "68.8 miles - Peter Hargreaves the new European Record holder - Brian Milton - Wings June 80 - p16. "A british national distance record flight" - Wings Nov 80 - p10. "The Roses - afterthoughts." - Jim Brown - Wings July 80 - p20]

25th July 1980 : Jo Binns flies 164.85Kms from Cerro Gordo, California to Janies Ranch, Nevada. [Source : "Records awaiting ratification" - Wings November 1980 - p10]

25th August 1980 : Robert Calvert flies distance of 127.61Kms. (National, Local)[Source : "Calverts record flight." - Calvert - Wings Oct 80 - p16.]

10th April 1981 : John Stirk flies distance 134.2Kms from Semer Water, Yorkshire.[Source : "A day in (and out) of the country." - John Stirk and Jim Brown - Wings May 81 - p16]

8th April 1982 : Bob Calvert flies 180.24 Kms (112 miles) from Sarn in Pwys to Hindon, Wilts.[Source : "It was easy." - Stan Abbott - Wings May 82 - p8.]

10th July 1982 : Caroline de Granville flies distance of 97.41Kms at Owens Valley, USA. (Feminine World, National).[Source : "World record update" - Wilson - Wings May 83 - p6]

31st August 1982 : John Duncker makes height gain of 2590 metres. [Source : "18stone and 2 miles high." - Wings Oct 82 - p19]

12th July 1983 : Jenny Ganderton flies distance of 185.07Kms at Owens Valley, USA. (National)

15th June 1983 : Judy Leden flies out and return distance of 82.04Kms at Owens Valley, USA. (Feminine World, National)

13th July 1983 : Judy Leden flies distance of 233Kms. (Feminine World, National) John Pendry flies distance of 300.62Kms both at Owens Valley, USA (World, National).[Source : "In search of world records" - Leden - Wings Sept 83 - p11]

6th April 1984 : Colin Lark flies 77.25Kms (48miles) to Goal, Coombe Gibbett to the Isle of Wight.(Local)[Source : Wings June 84]

May Day 1984 : John Pendry flies 209.21Kms (130miles) from Ditchling to Colyton.(Local)[Source : Wings June 84 - p18]

12th May 1984 : Jenny Ganderton flies 105.39Kms (65.49miles) from Ubley near Bristol to Chudleigh Neighton.(Feminine, Local)[Source : P.Haines - Wings July 84 - p7]

6th July 1984 : John Duncker makes height gain of 3169.99metres and John Stirk makes height gain of 3230.91metres from Wether Fell. (National)

18th January 1985 : Michel Carnet and John Pendry fly distance to goal of 145Kms at Mt Buangor, Austrailia. (National)

5th March 1985 : Bob Bailey flies distance to goal from Carlton Bank of 80.43Kms. (Local)[Source : "Official Goal distance record." - Wings May 85 - p6]

24th August 1986 : Johnny Carr flies out and return distance of 51.8Kms from Devils Dyke. (National, Local)[Source : Wings Sept 86 - p8]

11th June 1986 : Geoffrey Loyns flies distance to goal of 272.19Kms at Owens Valley, USA. (World, National)

31st August 1986 : Patrick Laverty flies distance of 217.04Kms (134.89) miles in Wales (Local)

23rd June 1987 : Jenny Ganderton makes distance over triangular course of 68.75Kms at St Andre, France. (Feminine World, National)

4th July 1987 : Colin Rider makes height gain of 4145.33 metres at Wether Fell. (National, Local)

11th June 1988 : Geoffrey Loyns flies distance of 312.864Kms from Mt Elden, Flagstaff, Arizona (National)

26th July 1988 : Geoffrey Loyns flies out and return distance of 310.302Kms at Owens Valley, USA (Joint World with Larry Tudor (USA), National)

9th August 1988 : Bruce Goldsmith (34.734Kph)(World, National) and Kay Simpson (14.93Kph)(Feminine World, National) make speeds over 50Km Triangle distance at St Andre, France.

14th August 1988 : Geoffrey Loyns makes speed over a triangular course of 25Kms at 30.401Kph at Dunlap Flight Park, California. (World, National)

28th April 1989 : Judy Leden flies open distance of 114 miles from Wether Fell to Lincolnshire. (Local) [Source : STORY : "Judy Leden sets new hang gliding distance record" - Williams - Skywings June 89 - p11. Source 2 : "Beating the Women's distance record - Leden - Skywalker June 89 - p21]

4th June 1989 : Gordon Rigg flies distance of 244Kms from Lords Seat to Witham Friary. (Local) [Source : STORY : "Gordon Rigg breaks British XC record" - Rigg/Williams - Skywings July 89 - p13

14th January 1990 : Judy Leden makes distance with one turn point of 81.72Kms at Forbes, Australia. (Feminine World, National)

15th January 1990 : Jenny Ganderton makes speed of 16,5Kph over traingle distance of 50Kms at Forbes, Australia. (Feminine World, National)

20th January 1990 : Jenny Ganderton makes distance with one turn point of 100.3Kms at Forbes, Austalia. (Feminine World, National)

22nd January 1990 : Judy Leden makes distance with one turn point of 170Kms. Jenny Ganderton flies triangular course of 101Kms and makes speed of 17.5Kph for 100Km triangle. All at Forbes, Australia. (All Feminine World, National) Damion Le Roux makes speed of 30.2Kph for triangle course of 100Kms. (National)

23rd January 1990 : Jenney Ganderton increases triangular course to 106.7Kms.(Feminine World, National)

24th January 1990 : Judy Leden makes 16.67Kph speed over triangular course of 25Kms at Forbes, Australia.

14th February 1990 : Jenny Ganderton makes speed of 26Kph over triangle distance of 25Kms at Forbes, Australia. (Feminine World, National)

April 1990 : Johnny Carr makes out and return distance of 45 miles from Devils Dyke. (Local) [Source : "Out and return" - Carr - Skywalker May 92 - p34]

28th June 1990 : Geoff Loyns flies 202.618Kms distance via one turn point from Walt's Point Horseshoe Meadow to Coaldale junction, Nevada USA. (National)

3rd July 1990 : Geoff Loyns flies 231.813Kms distance via one turn point (National).

9th August 1990 : Mark Dale makes speed of 48.387Kph for triangle distance of 25Kms at Laragne, France. (World, National)

22nd June 1991 : Judy Leden flies triangular course of 114.107Kms at Kossen, Austria. (Feminine World, National)

27th June 1991 : Geoff Loyns flies 439.84Kms open distance from Big Spring Air Park to east of Highway 287, Texas USA (National)

1st January 1992 : Judy Leden makes height gain of 3970metres at Kuruman, South Africa. (Feminine World, National)

12th January 1997 : Steve Varden and Judy Leden make flight to goal of 36.3Kms from Kuruman, South Africa (Multiplace World, National) [Source : STORY : "We had it all…except the weather." - Steve Varden - Skywings May 97 - p46]

12th April 1997 : Dave Williamson and Sarah Smith fly 16.64Km from Firle to Brighton (Multiplace, local)[Source : BHPA Records}

22nd May 1999 : Nick Pain flies an open distance of 158 miles from the Malverns to Hacheston near Wickham Market, East Anglia. (Local)[Source : STORY : "158 miles! New HG British Record." - Nick Pain - Skywings July 1999 - p38]

21st August 1999 : Gordon Rigg flies an out and return distance of 80Kms (53 miles) from Mam Tor to Netherthorpe and back on a Laminar ST. (Local) Source : "New British Records" - Skywings October 1999 - p18

22nd August 1999 : Allan Barnes flies an out and return distance of 102 Kms (62 miles) from Rannoch Moor on a Laminar ST. (Local) Source : "New British Records" - Skywings October 1999 - p18

6th July 2007 Reserve Comp S/E Wales . New record distance to Goal set 177.2km via a turn point. Two pilots make it , Dave Matthews and Will Greenwood